We’ve seen companies such as Tesla, Apple and Google headhunting each other’s EV engineering and design specialists of late. The trend continues with the latest news that BMW has lost some senior i-Series development team executives to ‘Future Mobility Corp’, a Chinese EV manufacturer start-up backed by Tencent Holdings.

Tencent is an important holding company in China with significant investments in several of the country’s biggest internet, video game and social media companies. If you’ve been following Formula-e’ you would recognize the name ‘NextEV’.

Carsten Breitfeld, who developed the BMW i8 PHEV sports car has taken three other BMW i-Series specialist team members with him to ‘Future Mobility Corp’. Apparently Dirk Abendroth, (Electric Powertrains), Benoit Jacob, (Design Head i-Series) and Henrik Wenders, (Head of i-Series Product Management), have followed Carsten Breitfeld to develop a new Plug-In Vehicle program for this new EV manufacturer.

This is a powerfully creative team with deep experience in the development and production of plug-in vehicles. It signals that ‘Future Mobility Corp’ are very serious about playing a major role in an ever expanding EV manufacturing industry.

Staff moving between car manufactures is nothing unusual, however there is a lot more going on here with a rapidly growing EV manufacturing focus within long established brands.

BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche and the VW Group are all scrambling to catch up with Tesla. Tesla’s rise and the success of the Models S and X vehicles is resulting in Tesla taking a large amount of the premium vehicle market share from major European brands and has them all racing to bring new plug in models to market.

Now with the unprecedented success of the Tesla Model 3 mass market EV launch which produced 325,000 orders for cars, with deposits paid upfront in the first three days, we sense that the Tesla revolution has rattled the traditional vehicle manufacturing industry worldwide. Now Ford has joined in as well announcing 13 Plug-In models are to be produced. Ford has announced a Model E, 350km range mass market EV is on the way.

What this all points to is that if the vehicle industry doesn’t take a leaf out of the Tesla book, then they will go the way of the Dinosaurs.

We do know that BMW is committed to progressing it’s ‘i-Series’ development. BMW have indicated that their focus for the future with the latest ‘BMW Vision Next 100’ campaign. Recently BMW announced that they will be developing plug-in versions of all their models into the future.

eCarInsight believes this is all very exciting news and will provide the world with new Plug-In Car options at lower costs

The future is electric for the car industry

See Tesla Model 3 launch. 325,000 pre-ordered car in three days.



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