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Motorsport provides the world with new and innovative technology that improves efficiency, safety and the performance of the vehicles we drive every day.
A classic example is the Energy Recovery Systems, (ERS or the old KERS) – developed in Formula 1 to convert the energy created when braking into power that’s stored in a battery and then that power used to drive an electric motor to boost the passing power of the car.
Every Plug-In Car and Hybrid vehicle uses this type of ERS to provide extended battery range.

Now Formula-e provides the platform for the next generation of vehicle development and we’re already seeing new powerful electric motors, longer range battery work progressing and improved drivetrains and inverters.

2018 will see the All-Electric GT Series commence using Tesla Model S supercars competing at premier racing circuits in Europe and the UK. eCarInsight will be following all these series and provide insight on the series and developments. We are confident the electric GT series will also include some events in the USA as well particularly as Tesla Model S is a USA built super EV.

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