‘Before the Flood’.

Leonardo Di Caprio’s documentary is on YouTube now. It’s brilliant and another wake up call to the World.
Everyone needs to watch this. We have an opportunity to move to electric vehicles that are recharged by the Sun and get off carbon based fossil fuels to power our lives.

The planet is in distress and all of us have a responsibility to take positive steps to lower our impact on the environment. When you next look to buying a new car. Stop and think. Seriously look to the new generation of battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Even if you recharge the electric vehicle from non renewable power, the electric vehicle is four times more efficient than a non electric ICE powered car. As a result it produces 22% to 24% less emissions than a petrol or diesel powered car. If you recharge the EV or PHEV from renewables such as solar power, the car produces ZERO emissions in electric drive mode.

We can all do something positive to save our environment. It’s up to us.


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