The RAC Electric Highway in WA.

The RAC Auto Association in Western Australia was the first of Australia’s Auto Clubs to build an electric car friendly highway with a number of partners.

Lunched in July 2015 the highway is being extended to cover a larger area to the south of Perth and is Australia’s first EV highway corridor. More and more Plug-In Cars are being registered and using this highway infrastructure.

When we say an EV highway corridor we mean that there is a number of fast charging and destination charger sites setup from Perth down through the Margret River region onto Augusta in the south. This enables EV owners to easily travel the long distant and stopping off for a quick recharge when needed.

Other Auto Clubs such as the NRMA and the RACV have taken part in EV trials in previous years such as the NRMA DC fast charger at North Strathfield and the RACV’s involvement in the VIC government Electric Vehicle trials in 2012. We understand that a similar EV highway project maybe in the wind in Queensland which may see the RACQ being involved like the RAC in Perth.

NRMA DC Fast Charger Powered with 100% Green Energy

NRMA DC Fast Charger Powered with 100% Green Energy

The RAC’s Electric Highway is the first joint venture project to actually build and EV friendly high corridor to encourage the move to more sustainable Plug-In Vehicle transport.

We must congratulate the RAC and the Australian Electric Vehicle Association with their partners to show the rest of Australia that these projects are the way forward and utilities and governments with businesses can make these important infrastructure projects a reality.

The extra benefit with these charging stations on the electric highway is that they can be powered with renewable green energy to ensure a zero emissions impact on the environment.

See the ABCTV WA report on the Electric Highway.


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