Australians are lining up to install Solar PV + Storage Battery products in their homes to reduce not only their impact on the environment but to reduce their power bills as well.

Energy companies such a Origin and AGL have a range of products on offer including outright purchases of systems and a type of long term leasing products known as ‘Power Purchase Agreements’ for domestic and commercial customers.

Solar power and battery storage are key technologies undergoing a revolution in development. Companies like Tesla and their product the ‘Tesla Power Wall’  are changing the way we power our lives and transport ourselves.

Tesla’s Gigafatory in Nevada is expected to commence mass production of home and commercial storage batteries along side the vehicle battery roll out to feed the rapidly growing demand for batteries for cars and homes worldwide.

The ABCTV Catalyst program released a brilliant show looking at solar and storage battery products and insight into the Australian’s lining up to become more independent of power companies by generating their own energy with solar systems and storing power for use during the peak power demand times.



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