Tesla could open Supercharger Network to other EV models

Tesla looks to sharing the Tesla Super Charger Network with other Plug In Electric Vehicle Manufacturers. Clearly a move by Tesla to help accelerate the take up of EV’s globally. Some challenges to work through such as connectivity via Tesla’s unique plug and charging rate management but for Asia and Australia this is great news.

Asia pacific Plug In Electric Vehicle models equipped with CHAdeMo fast charging ports can connect to the Tesla Super Chargers via an adapter.

If this comes off it will help Australia’s EV fast charging highways development much faster.
Fingers Crossed!

Tesla’s Made in China Soon.

Tesla confirms deal to build Tesla EV models in China. The joint venture now ensures Tesla massive increase in production capabilities at lower costs.

Other automakers like VW, Daimler -Benz, BMW are doing the same. These joint ventures are all electric vehicle development and production deals to accelerate EV take up.

Cheaper long-range Plug In Electric Vehicle prices will ensure petrol and diesel cars will be resigned to history by 2030.


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