Volkswagen – Developing 30 New Electric Car Models by 2025

VW is to drop 40 internal combustion engine powered models and introduce 30 new Plug-In Car models over the next nine years. “Strategy 2025” was discussed by VW’s Group of America chief engineering officer, Matthias Erb at Michigan’s CAR Management Briefing last week.

The 30 new Plug-In Car models will be based on three (3) basic platforms known as MEB, (Modular Electronic Toolkit). One new EV model will be the “Budd-e” all electric van concept with Automated Driving Assistance, (Self Driving Systems). The Budd-e was on show at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January this year.

The Budd-e is being designed to have a real world travel range of 375km and DC Fast Charging enabled which translates to the car recharging to 80% in as little as 15-30minutes. Just enough time to have a bite to eat and a cup of coffee. On the other hand, most city round trip commutes average at only 40-70km per day, and so the Budd-e would only need one or two recharges at a home charger per week.

No more petrol station stops!
No More Petrol or Diesel Required

No More Petrol or Diesel Required

Long distance highway journeys will be simple with the DC fast charging to ensure quick battery top ups at Roadhouse Highway locations that will be installing chargers to meet the new EV fuelling market demands.

See Caltex Australia new site strategy.

Diesel Gate:

It’s obvious the new accelerated Volkswagen strategies have been in part as a result of ‘Diesel Gate’ and that black stain on the VW Group. That’s costing them billions of dollars but the end result is shaping up to ensure cleaner smart transport for the world. We also know that Tesla has rattled the traditional automakers cages and taken them by surprise. It’s exciting to see the big auto brands now shifting their focus to producing smart Plug-In Cars for the mass market.

 Volkswagen Budd-e:

Mobileye Automated Driving Partnership:

Volkswagen has partnered with Mobileye to equip their new generation of vehicles with state of the art Automated Driving Systems. Mobileye is also working with BMW on automated driving for the new BMW range of vehicles as part of their new Plug-In Car programs as well.

In Australia, Audi, which is part of the Global VW Group, has a team working on vehicle connectivity innovations that are aimed at ensuring that Automated Driving is supported locally for Audi vehicles. You will recall the reports about ongoing Autonomous Vehicle driving trial programs in South Australia, Western Australia and now in New South Wales. Good to see that Australia is gearing up for the smart car future.

Mobileye Insight:



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