Volkswagen to price their plug in car models close to diesel and petrol models for mass market take up.

China leads the World in EV adoption:
Volkswagen plans to use Chinese high EV take-up to drive down the cost of new plug in car models. Just as VW introduced the people’s car to the world in the form of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, they plan to mass produce an expanding range of affordable plug in models at close to the prices of Internal Combustion Engine, (ICE) powered cars.

Volkswagen Iconic Beetle

Volkswagen Iconic Beetle

Chinese authorities have taken outstanding steps to lower pollution that is crippling the country by implementing regulations to ensure mass adoption of EV’s under their ‘New Energy Vehicle’ program. China is also shifting away from fossil fuel burning power generation to wind, solar and other renewable power supply to stop the current dramatic environment challenges.

Volkswagen targets 1million EV sales per year:
Volkswagen is targeting annual EV sales of 1 million by 2025 and the auto giant is replacing 40 (ICE) powered models with 30 new plug in vehicle designs based on the I.D. concepts and MEB platform.

These new EV models will have real world long range and pricing to encourage the masses to adopt the exciting technology. VW’s strategy is to leverage great new designs with the huge Chinese market to help EV mass adoption and lower costs.

Volkswagen ID Platform Mini Bus EV

Volkswagen Buzz [MEB Platform] Mini Bus EV

EV Growth in 2016:
2016 saw China leading the world shift to plug in cars with over 351,000 EV’s sold in China alone. This is an 85% increase on 2015 sales of plug in’s, followed by Europe increasing to 221,000 sales for 2016 and the USA also up at 157,000 sales followed by the Asia Pac region.

Global EV market growth is accelerating with 2016 sales up 42% on 2015 volumes. Most automotive manufactures are adopting similar ideas to Volkswagen and investing heavily in growing automotive market share in China. EV mass production is the key to the auto industry shifting to affordable low/zero emission transport strategies and a key component is to capitalising on the Chinese market opportunities.

New VW All Electric ID platform

New VW All Electric I.D. [MEB platform]

Keys to EV Sales:
Key to increasing EV sales is for the automotive industry is to promote some fundamentally important benefits to customers. Not only do plug in cars lower impacts on the environment but they are far cheaper to run than old (ICE) powered vehicles, more efficient and more powerful.

EV servicing costs are a fraction of the old (ICE) vehicle maintenance costs. For example Tesla vehicles download software updates automatically to the cars overnight while parked at home.

With the prices of new plug in vehicle models reducing and companies like Tesla and now VW continuing to challenge the old auto industry to transform, we can expect exciting times ahead.

Australia is also set to see a huge increase on plug in vehicle models on offer from manufactures including Volkswagen’s existing model line up and the new range soon to be released. The transition to EV’s is now confirmed as the main strategy for the world of transport.
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